• Ingel Vaikla

work in progress

16mm scanned to digital file, color, 4:3, stereo, 6’


Work has been developed in the framework of Modernism for the Future / Kaunas Capital of Culture 2022.

Papagalo, what’s the time? explores the architecture of former Yugoslavian pavilion from Brussels World Expo (1958) in its current function as Sint-Pauluscollege. The film follows group of kids playing old Yugoslavian children’s game at the site of the building. The camera moves from outdoors to the interior spaces, along the hallways from floor to floor exploring the building together with the group of children. Work creates playful exchange between the modernist architecture and the contemporary function of the building. It’s the balance, sometimes a friction but most of all an exchange between the utopian past and grounding present – between the moving bodies and solid walls.