KORDON Container Gallery

  • Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla
  • Urmo Vaikla

The KORDON Art Residency (established by Vaikla Studio) in Hiiumaa is launching a container gallery in Kärdla to create contemporary art and space projects to interact with topical issues in a global context. Placing a seacontainer into Tallinn’s urban space during the Photomonth is a spatial intervention that highlights to the odds of nature of technology and capitalist (over) consumption.

We see a pop-up container gallery as a design activism dealing with urgent issues: technology and capitalist (over) consumption and its contrast with nature posing the question: is space also a commodity? or is the commodity an art exhibited in a container and packaged in its own way? The video installation ‘Case No.14. The Storm on the Baltic Sea’ by Karel Koplimets creates uncanny spatial experience and anxiety, expanding the sense of intrigue between man-driven technology and natural forces.