Ringhoov ©TõnuVirve

All That Is Solid ©EvaKolcze

Monelle ©DiegoMarcon

As Without So Within ©ManueladeLaborde

Film programme NIGHT – IS IT TIME OR SPACE? at Narva Art Residency

  • Ingel Vaikla

Film programme Night – Is it Time or Space? at Narva Art Residency

29.09.2018 and 08.11.2018 – 11.11.

The programme is curated by Ingel Vaikla and takes place in two parts as a side programme of Paul Kuimet’s solo exhibition Five Volumes.

Participating artists: Manuela de Laborde, Eva Kolcze, Tõnu Virve, Emily Richardson, Diego Marcon and Katja Mater.



Vaikla has chosen five internationally recognised audiovisual works: As Without so Within (Manuela de Laborde), All That Is Solid (Eva Kolcze), Ringhoov (Tõnu Virve), Nocturne (Emily Richardson), Monelle (Diego Marcon) and one 16mm film installation As Much Time As Space (Katja Mater). With the chosen films she is inviting the audience to take a stroll through the park of sculptures called Utopia, where architecture is investigated as a physical manifestation of memory that holds the collective consciousness of people. Similar to Kuimet’s practice, the selected artists work with analogue film as their primary medium, which softly moulds architecture into imprinted time. The Stalinist Narva Art Residency cinema hall, located in a partly rebuilt modernist city, offers an intriguing context for the possible dialogue.