APIYEMIYEKÎ? ©Ana Vaz, 2019

You cannot Imagine Nothing ©Ben Rivers, 2018

Odorless Blue Flowers Awake Prematurely ©Panos Aprahamian, 2021

SILESILENCE ©Jacques Perconte, 2021

Dislocation Blues ©Sky Hopinka, 2017


  • Ingel Vaikla

International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam & Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam presents YOU CANNOT IMAGINE NOTHING film programme & TALK

8. October, Saturday 12:45, Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam

Curated by Ingel Vaikla & Julie Pfleiderer

Participating Artists: Panos Aprahamian, Jacques Perconte, Ana Vaz, Ben Rivers, Sky Hopinka

At the invitation of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR), curators-filmmakers Ingel Vaikla and Julie Pfleiderer have curated a film programme for Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) which puts the emphasis on the potential of architecture, through the themes of cultural heritage, nature and land. After the films there will be a panel moderated by Saskia van Stein with author Véronique Patteeuw and filmmaker Jacques Perconte.

In parallel to this years’ overarching theme It’s About Time, the IABR looks at the role of time as an important ingredient to design for an architecture of change. With the influence of climate change on our doorstep, how could one reimagine the intrinsic relationships between present and the past, between local and global and between humans and other beings as well as ecosystems?

The selected films promote nuance and gesture of space over paternalistic attitudes of classification and domination, towards the rebuilding of community, rewriting unjust histories, a dialogue with nature and more than human species in order to further explore ways of living together towards desirable futures.