Hedon Spa / Pärnu Mudbaths

  • Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla
  • Urmo Vaikla

Project team: Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, Urmo Vaikla, Tuuli Trei, Margit Teikari / VaiklaStudio
Extension architects: Tarmo Teedumäe, Paco Ulman, Inga Raukas / Allianss Architects
Restauration architects: Niina Mäger, Helle-Triin Hansumäe
Location: Ranna 1, Pärnu, Estonia
Space:  6084,1 m2

Neoclassical mudbaths (architects: Olev Siinmaa, Erich von Wolffeldt, Aleksander Nürnberg, 1924) was a landmark in Estonian summer resort Pärnu which was abandoned for several years before reconstruction. The extension as a new modern hotel was built. The concept of interior architecture is to create a holistic atmosphere both in the old spa (1877 m2) and added new hotel (4207 m2) buildings in using monochrome colors and contemporary materials. It is a challenge to connect these two parts with the help of an old mud corridor and modernize tiny but 4 meters high therapy rooms.

The interior is nominated to the Annual Award Contest of Estonian Association of Interior Architecture and Contest of Estonian Cultural Endownment 2015.