• Ann Mirjam Vaikla

Still life performative installation
Elements: live performer, scaffold construction, canvas, acryl technic painting, lamps, industrial garbage
Size: 3.6 x 2 x 5 m

Group exhibition: Beauty Off
Curator and supervisor: Andrey Bartenev (RUS)
Venue: Norwegian Theatre Academy

What we call beautiful and for what we claim for opposite?
Dealing with the subject beauty off I discovered that in every thought, taken photograph, idea, sketch there were always these two sides represented: beauty and off. For me it became somehow important, almost unavoidable, always to catch these two opposite sides in one idea. Why? One depends on an other, one represents an other, one gives a meaning to an other. My installation is built up on an idea of balance – like astrological sign Libra. Beauty and OFF are balancing each other weights not to fall apart. Beauty OFF is holding beauty on its iron “hands. Symbiosis. One can’t exist without an other. Or is it the symbiosis itself between two opposites what we call beauty ?