• Ann Mirjam Vaikla
  • Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla
  • Urmo Vaikla
  • Mikk Meelak

Facebook: Apparition

Sponsors: Eesti Kultuurkapital (Hiiumaa ja Arhitektuuri Sihtkapital), Eesti Sisearhitektide Liit, Interstudio, Fagerhult, Floorin, Borg, Glamox, Salong Ruum, Hals Interiors, Elke Mööbel, Wermstock

How to use the public space at the seashore? What could the local community do to revitalize old memories – what are the milestones when searching for an identity?

Spatial installation Apparition is an attempt to revitalize forgotten place embodying a lifeboat shed that got destroyed during the last war at Kärdla. This kind of spatial intervention talks about the use of public space, about the memories of a place and the relationships with the seashore architecture of local people. Installation that will be illuminated during the dawn is like a ghostly apparition that appears in the midsummer night to disappear in autumn.

This project is a continuation for a site-specific exhibition project Housewarming (2013) when an abandoned sacred space, Paluküla church, became revitalized.

Apparition is facilitating a joint project – sound installation Binoculars (Kiiker) by Mikk Meelak (Platvorm).

What is happening on the marine highway between Kärdla and Hanko? Who’s sailing there and where are they headed? The sound installation on a beach in Kärdla is peeking into the distance behind the horizon with the help of digital technologies. Vessels travelling in the observed sector are announcing the newest info about their current location, speed, and direction. Every now and then they might also reveal hints of their intent and destination.

Installation is based on Automatic Identification System (AIS). The system is based on ships sending out constantly information about their location and direction between each other for the traffic to work as its’ best and less danger possible.