• Ann Mirjam Vaikla

Location Håøya island, Oslo fjord, Norway
Norwegian Theatre Academy

Concept, realisation Ann Mirjam Vaikla, Andres Mata (ESP), Thomas Debret (FR)
Supervisors Serge von Arx, Kjartan Fønstelien

Memorial Path is a route in varying landscape that through physical passage evokes thoughts around the body of a victim. How body has always been judged – even after its’ death.
It consists of three doorframes visitors will pervade. Three is a minimum amount marking the idea of a route instead of a dialogue between the two: beginning, center and the endless element of it.

Memorial Path is created in a memory of six young men who were brought and executed at the Håøya island during German occupation in Norway. After the Second World War people who had collaborated with the executers were forced to dig out the bodies of the victims and deliver them to the families. But these six bodies were never found and dug out as they were communists of their political preference. After 1945 communists were considered as the main enemies during the Cold War and Soviet Union’s active role in it.