• Ann Mirjam Vaikla
  • Matias Askvik (NO)
  • Ylva Owren (NO)

Artaud Forum 4, Antonin Artaud Center, Brunel University, London

Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, Oslo. Exhibition Technology and Democracy.

Norwegian Theatre Academy

Sound of Silence explores the Norwegian weapon industry, and critically assesses the tendency of suppressing the subject as well as its impact on Norway‘s economy.

The installation consists of accurate negative casts of military weapons produced today by the Norwegian firm Nammo AS, the second largest weapon manufacturer in the country after Kongsberg Gruppen AS.

Sound of Silence was originally created in the frame of the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo to explore the Norwegian weapon industry and to point out its’ absence in the museum. It also acted as an intervention to question the aim of the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology and its’ purpose in our century. Considering that museums are still arenas of power and knowledge, it’s a fact that Norway’s long history of weapon technology is absent from the museum, somehow mirroring the society itself.

The project is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Norwegian Theatre Academy/Østfold University College and the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology. It was developed in the LAB (an experimental space that connects research with object conservation and exhibition making) in October 2014.