Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla and Urmo Vaikla participated with lecture in the 2nd International Symposium of Interior Architecture – SOFT SPACE – in Lucerne


Today a railway station is also a shopping center and a shopping center is also an amusement park. While the living room is increasingly finding its way into the office, today’s dwelling is both office and workspace. A distinct assignment of functions to spaces and places has become obsolete in many fields today as activities such as working, dwelling, consuming, and producing overlap and previously rigid spatial and usage boundaries begin to dissolve.

We are living in a time of “this as well asthat” and no longer under the unequivocal terms of “eitherthis orthat.” The simultaneous, network-like is replacing the successive, hierarchical. As a result, future spaces will feature ambivalent functions and potential usages. In this sense Soft Spacecan be understood as a response to this development.

At the 2ndInternational Symposium of Interior Architecture, everything revolves around the dissolution of boundaries: e.g., blurring of former separations of different kinds of usage; diffusion of the demarcation between public and private spheres; or, softening of the distinction “interior” / “exterior.” The central focus is on exploring what challenges and creative potentials are emerging through such developments for interior architecture and which strategies might serve to create added value for users.

Speakers from research and praxis will investigate these issues from the perspective of interior architecture and related disciplines.

Symposium of Interior Architecture