Urmo Vaikla’s public lecture LOOKING FOR PEOPLE while at the international jury of interior architecture in Vilnius


Urmo Vaikla, the head of Estonian Interior Architecture Association, has been invited to the international jury of Lithuanian interior awards by Architects Association of Lithuania (19.-20. November). The winners will be selected among 80 projects in four different categories: public interior, office, private house and an apartement. Awards will be announced at the ceremony My Space. The other jury members are Karim Rashid (USA), Jan Sukiennik (Poland) and Volodimir Nepyivoda (Ukraine). During the ceremony all jury members will give a public lecture where Urmo Vaikla’s lecture is titled Looking for People.

Magazine Mano Erdvė 2015 (My Space) was published including interview with Tüüne-Kristin and Urmo Vaikla. Interview (in Lithuanian) Mano erdvė 2015

Homepages of the jury members:

Jan Sukiennik 307kilo 
Karim Rashid karimrashid

More information (in Lithuanian): http://plus.lrytas.lt/bustas/

Press release: http://www.esl.ee/2015/11/20/leedus-jagatakse-sisearhitektuuri-preemiaid/